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Welcome to Air-Tite Holders, Inc.

A family owned and operated business for over 25 years

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The inventor and founder, Norman W. Therrien, had a vision "to provide a practical solution to an age old problem." This problem was protection for many different sizes of world coins and medallions. The expense of creating a holder for every size coin produced made this an unrealistic endeavor. Even today some company's only produce holders for the common coins, leaving a gap in providing protection for all other sizes. The solution was a small grouping of holders with each being able to house many different sizes. This is accomplished by using the ring system Norm developed to fit into six standard holders. Now every coin minted in the United States and nearly all coins and medallions from around the world can be housed in these holders. This was the beginning of Air-Tite Holders as it is today. New products for displays have been designed through the years, but the holders and rings have remained the same since the beginning of the business in 1980.

Our holders are manufactured through the process of injection molding using virgin acrylic plastic that contains a non-yellowing agent, which helps maintain the clarity of the holders over time. The white or black ring/spacer material is produced from a cross linked polyethylene, which is a plastic material. The materials used in the production of our holders and rings are totally inert and PVC free.

Coin dealers, supply companies, government and private mints, marketing firms and collectors from around the world have been using our products for many years. Air-Tite Holders, Inc. prides itself in manufacturing one of the finest holders and display products available on the market today. Whether your are a collector of United States, world or ancient coins, commemoratives, medallions, tokens or casino chips, Air-Tite Holders has the solution for your protection and display. We invite you to explore this website for a customized solution to best fit your collection.

Ann Tanner, Glenn Therrien, Scott Therrien

The items for sale on this web site represent our complete retail product line, with the exception of specialized products and uncommon ring sizes. For your convenience we have created a secure internet ordering website.

Air-Tite Holders, Inc. is a manufacturing facility that consists of injection molding, die cutting, blister seal packaging, hot stamping and pad printing. If you are in need of a specialized product or a logo to be printed, please contact us for more information.

You are always welcome to call our toll free number on Monday through Friday between the hours of 7:00 am and 4:00 pm EST or email us anytime.

Air-Tite Holders Inc. 1560 Curran Highway, North Adams, MA 01247-3900
(800) 521-1248 FAX (413) 664-2733